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Listed below are our Executive Briefings and Day-Long Seminars.
Buffalo area briefings are held regularly from 8am to 9am at Consulting Task Force
37 N. Union Road (just North of Main St.), in Williamsville, NY.

Advance Registration is $25 per company (up to 3 people), this includes breakfast.
Please e-mail: or call (716) 634-7013 to register.


August 25th, 2000
BRIEFING: Developing Long Term Relations- 100% SALES GROWTH SERIES
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, What are the keys to developing long-term relations that pay-off? See how you can grow your business by building your relationships.

September 1st, 2000

BRIEFING: Financing the Growth of Your Business
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, Alternative financing to help your business grow and prosper. Discover the financing you have been missing!

September 8th, 2000

BRIEFING: Pay/Reward for Performance
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, Develop incentives that support your business, partners, suppliers, vendors, and employees.

September 15th, 2000

BRIEFING: Build Your E-Biz - Level IV
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, What's next in getting your web business off the ground? Keep up on the latest in the electronic age.

September 20th, 2000 

Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, Where is your business heading tomorrow? How is it getting there? Have you committed this to a written plan? Come and get started developing your strategic plan. Contact us for more information:

September 22nd, 2000

BRIEFING: 100% SALES GROWTH SERIES - Selling is NOT Telling, Selling is ASKING!
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, What are your best selling techniques? Do you ask for the sale?

September 29th, 2000

BRIEFING: What is an Affiliate Group, and Why Should You Have One (or more)?
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, Grow your business successfully with your own affiliate group, or join ours. Come find out how!

October 6th, 2000

BRIEFING: Strategic Planning: Developing Your Vision
Joseph Chimera, President of CTF, Have you thought about the future direction of your company? Are you working with the latest technologies? Plan for the future of your business, today!

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