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Do you need or want more customers?
Do you need a better ways to advertise your business? 
Do you need to analyze and improve the way you attract and handle leads?
Do you need to qualify leads more effectively?
Do you want to sell larger packages of goods and/or services?

Effective marketing and selling activities can help you accomplish one or more of these goals.

Marketing is like an umbrella, it covers a wide range of methods and techniques that will help you generate new business and keep existing customers. We can help you  use your resources wisely and avoid needless spending.

We can help you design programs that will 

(1) Build customer AWARENESS
(2) Stimulate INTEREST
(4) RETAIN customers over the long haul.

CTF has built a system of guaranteed programs that you or your managers will be able to access. Some of the sales growth programs are listed here:

CTF has published 14 management manuals that range from six to twenty chapters. 
Click any title to view a description and be offered secure online purchasing information. (Any book purchase will register you automatically for Associate Membership and its additional benefits) Because CTF is interested in serving you today, a FREE Associate Membership is being offered to all new businesses or individuals that sign-up at this Web site. The sign-up page tells exactly what you will get.

CTF offers each Associate Member, a number of solutions, tips, and package programs- all of which are discounted or FREE.

CTF Associate Members get access to dozens of categorized business tips. Two tips from the Strategic Management archive are listed below:

  • Tip #37 - Overcoming Price Objections
  • Tip #49 - Effective Seminar Selling

Check out our Manuals: GUARANTEED SALES GROWTH and others. Guaranteed to IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS!!

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