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"Maximize Your Trade Show Results" - regularly $249, now only $149

  Previously, these manuals were available only as part of our Consulting and Training Services. However, for both strategic and tactical reasons, we have decided to make them available as stand-alone modules.

Since this is the first in a series of CTF Manuals that are now available, and since we are testing the power of the internet to determine whether this medium will work for us, we are offering this manual at a deep discount (i.e. a 40% discount normally $249.00).

You can now buy this Manual for ONLY $149.00!

Description of This Manual

Why you need this manual:

  • Trade Shows are a GREAT LEAD GENERATION and Selling tool. 
  • Many companies do a very poor job at realizing their full Trade Show potential. This manual is designed to help remedy that situation..

Sample from Chapter one

A trade show is just that - a show to attract prospects and make sales!!!
you are part of the entertainment, and you must have a specific objective to achieve, beside the entertainment factor. You and your trade show personnel must have this mind set to be successful.

Why exhibit at trade shows?

The answer is simple, when done effectively your attendance at trade shows produces, leads, qualified leads and most importantly sales!! Trade shows will help you build your business.
plus trade shows can provide many other benefits.

Some of these benefits (both on and off the trade show floor) include:

  • Make sales!
  • Meeting prospective customers - face to face in large numbers, they can easily be qualified, and separated into high, medium & low priorities.
  • Opportunities to talk directly to a decision maker (either as an attendee or as a presenter)
  • Some percent of your contacts will be decision makers, we guarantee it!
  • Others will be influencers. With proper questioning they will tell you who to contact and how to reach the right decision makers.
  • Making valuable contacts you might never have otherwise.
  • Opportunities to find additional sales reps or facilitate the beginning of other useful business relations.

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