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Route Optimization

Kentsultants, Inc. provides consultation and support services for TruckStops For Windows. This product helps organizations cut distribution costs and improve customer service. Many companies have reduced their trucking costs by more than 20% when using TruckStops for Route Optimization

Desktop Dispatching

Kenstultants, Inc. creates custom software solutions for truck routing and dispatching that may or may not include TruckStops. Many customers have needed a system to download data from their main computer and massage it into a form that TruckStops can recognize. While other customers have needed to create reports or analyses not available through TruckStops.

Custom Software

Kensultants, Inc. has developed complete stand-alone systems in Microsoft Access that cover applications from truck dispatching to back office software for a financial services firm.

Please click on the following links to see an example of the TruckStops software
(Some image files are large in size):

  • TruckStops Overview (This feature coming soon!)
  • Load Calculation (This feature coming soon!)
  • Fleet Capacity (This feature coming soon!)
  • Sample Routes (This feature coming soon!)
  • Truck Capacity (This feature coming soon!)

Free Route Analysis

Kensultants would like to demonstrate the power of TruckStops to reduce your distribution costs. If you can provide us with an ASCII file of the stops your trucks have made in one day and the sequence in which the stops have been delivered, we will use TruckStops to re-route the stops and show you how much you can save.***

Please submit the following information and we will contact you by phone, please indicate best time to call.

 (This feature coming soon!)
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*** The data on each stop must include an accurate street address, zip code, and quantity delivered. If there are restrictions as to when a customer can receive deliveries, that information must be provided. Truck capacities and operating rules can be provided on hard copy.


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