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Did you ever play organized Sports?

            Then you know the value of a coach. S/he organized, lead, taught, advised, strategized, developed game plans, managed personnel, provided encouragement, support and some times became a friend, and so on.

            To us, the only major difference between a sports coach and a business coach is the nature of the business game.

Could you benefit from working with a Business Coach?

            With a little personal advising, strategizing, developing game plans, encouragement could you be more productive? More confident? More successful?

What does a business coach do?

Coaching is a process. It is a cooperative effort designed to improve your potential so you can achieve your goals. It is a complex combination of the many support roles people play every day.

Your coach becomes your personal resource person. His/her task is to help you grow professionally and personally.

Coaching is a way to bridge any gap between where you are today and where you plan to be.

How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching not only addresses business challenges and processes, it takes into account the personal desires, needs, and goals of the individual.

Coaching is NOT telling; Coaching is ASKING!

Coaching relies on the knowledge and experience that you have built to date and aims to help you enhance those skills to be even more effective than you currently are.

            Unless you are perfect, you probably need some coaching. (Yes, we admit there are a few LeBron James’ or Bill Gates in the world. But for the rest of us, we can all use a little coaching).

Nature of the Business Game

            Is business a game? We think it is. In fact we think professional sports and the road to a successful team and franchise is a great analogy for business.

            They both have the following characteristics:

  • Rules
  • Referees
  • Team(s) of People
  • Knowledge
  • Skills

Attitudes which affect performance

            Transitions from Little League to the Big Leagues

            and so on……

            If you have never thought about business in this way, maybe it’s time.

            Let us help you g r O W AND Pro$per!

What do CTF coaches do?

CTF coaches specialize in business issues.

People who are looking predominately for personal growth, should consult with a coach who specializes in these issues.

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