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We can customize a solution to meet and exceed your special needs and expectations.

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Strategic Management

CTF helps you plan and implement strategic management actions designed to enable you to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow! 

Human Resources

We help you utilize the most effective methods of attracting, interviewing, screening, hiring, motivating, training, creating effective independent contractor relationships and building employee retention.

Operations and Logistics

We use proven techniques that will help you reduce your overhead, increase your efficiency and more importantly improve your effectiveness. Our experts can analyze your company's operation to help you understand the inner-framework of your business.

Our skills can be applied to consumer based or commercially based businesses that are in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, or any service industry.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing is like an umbrella, it covers a wide range of methods and techniques that will help you generate new business and keep existing customers. We can help you use your resources wisely and avoid needless spending.

We can help you implement a wide range of methods and techniques that will shield you from needless spending, and that will (1) create customer awareness, (2) stimulate interest, (3) ensure first sales, and (4) nurture future sales.

Information Management

CTF will show you new technology and down-to-earth ways to manage the frightening loads of data that are the backbone of your business. Remote data access, electronic commerce and cardfile management, are a few of our areas of expertise.

Planning to build an e-Business? Let us help you think through the evolutionary steps you should use.

Financial Accounting

Not just a lot of numbers. We help you to attract financing, use existing capital more productively, and install money-saving expense-tracking strategies and techniques to operate your business profitably.


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