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Developing Your Strategic Plansm


You and your staff need to focus some of your efforts on:

A. Developing a process designed to insure g r O W
TH AND Pro$perity
B. Specifying, in writing, your VISION OF YOUR FUTURE
C. Utilizing that vision to develop a clear, written and effective PROACTIVE PLAN.
D. Position your Management Team to integrate YOUR plan into its normal operational activities.
E. Transforming your plan into specific, prioritized GOALS and ACTION STEPS, designed to facilitate the implementation of its vision.
F. Enhance the effectiveness of your Management Team (as well as the rest of your organization).


You and your business will benefit from:

A. Clarifying, sharing and developing your (and your Management Team's) vision and goals with your key staff and employees - THEREBY, PROVIDING THE POTENTIAL FOR EACH EMPLOYEE TO DEVELOP A MORE EFFECTIVE TEAM ORIENTATION TOWARD ACHIEVING COMMON GOALS.

B. Taking those goals and develop specific action plans designed to turn them into reality - THUS, ASSURING THAT THE GOALS WILL BE MET!

C. Actively seeking ways to integrate your goals with individual goals - RESULTING IN GREATER SYNERGY OF EFFORT ON THE PART OF ALL EMPLOYEES.

D. Meeting your customers¹ needs more effectively - THEREFORE, PRODUCING INCREASED SATISFACTION, SALES AND SUPPORT.

Phase I - Visioning and Proactive Plan Development

By purchasing our manual and the telephone consulting that is integrated with it, CTF will work with you (and your Management Team) to:

A. Create common understanding and develop a set of mutually agreed upon expectations.
B. Discuss and review existing written plan(s) and relevant existing documents.
C. Develop a vision of your business' future, by using CTF's Visioning Process.
D. Facilitate a preliminary written proactive plan for review, modification and/or adoption.

Phase II - Finalize Your Business Vision and Proactive Plan

CTF will help you to:

A. Review and adopt the "final" the plan to realize your vision
B. Help you (and your Management Team) to develop specific action plans designed to implement an effective integrated operating plan, as appropriate.
C. Help you (and your Management Team) break down the major tasks into manageable, measurable tasks, as requested.
D. Facilitate the development of an implementation timeline and responsibility chart, if necessary.
E. Integrate your plan into your day-to-day operations.

Phase III - Monitor the Results and Make Refinements, as Necessary

CTF will periodically monitor the results of the planning process. CTF will help you to:

A. Hold (periodic) review sessions with you (and your Management Team).
B. Make recommendations designed to refine and improve the results of the planning process.
C. Continue to identify high priority/high payoff action items.
Check out our
Developing Your Strategic Plansm Manual - Guaranteed to IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS!!

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